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Which is the best Fallkniven knife?

We regularly receive questions about which is the best Fallkniven knife. The answer is they are all world class knives, and it’s a bit like asking which is the best Ferrari! We’re happy to help with very specific questions, so please contact us.

The general response to questions about the best Fallkniven knife for someone is really about the specific needs they have for a knife. Is it a bushcraft and survival knife or a hunting knife they need? Is it a folding knife for everyday use, a fixed knife or a collector blade? What shape and size blade will best suit your needs? How often will you be able to sharpen and maintain the blade in the field?

Fallkniven are known for offering a combination of strength, sharpness and edge retention in their blades. Although they have a heritage going back centuries, their modern blades are the result of state of the art research and design.

A hunting knife, such as the Fallkniven TK6, is a versatile tool and is great for general survival. But it’s true purpose is for hunting, and this is where the knife excels. A knife designed for survival and bushcraft, such as the Fallkniven TK2 is slightly heavier and longer and it can serve you on a number of  bushcraft uses, including light light chopping. A survival tool is an all-rounder, and has to work for a range of task, from building a shelter to cleaning animals. This is what we mean by needing to consider the main use and need for your knife.

If looked after a Fallkniven knife will last for generations, so it’s important to think about what you need one for and make the right decision. We do find that people fall in love with their craftsmanship, balance, and clean swedish design and usually end up buying several once they’ve experienced the quality of a Fallkniven.