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Warm Weather Tents

Warm weather tents

There's nothing better than a few nights out under the stars when the weather's warm. Don't get me wrong – I'm happy out in all seasons and have the gear for sleeping out in gales and snow but you can't beat being out there when it's fine. If you don't believe me give it a burl.

When it's really hot you can travel light and get away with just a sleeping bag but I always use a tarp or basic shelter to keep any showers off. I love to be in touch with nature but not to wake up soaking wet!

For real comfort on those hot summer nights look at buying a summer tent – also known as a two season tent. As well as a bit of protection from the elements should you need it a summer tent stops the insects eating you alive. I might so don't be a woos here but in truth buy bites can be a real problem and if you've planned a nice hike you don't want to be scratching and suffering.

Although design for use in warm conditions and dry climates some two season tents also come with rainflys to keep you dry. A warm weather tent is designed to keep you cool and comfortable in the hot and humid conditions so it's important that they're well ventilated. Most of these tents are built with a lot of mesh panels and vents for good air flow. Many of them also have mesh roofs and doors and most bug tents are completely made out of mesh. If you choose a quality summer tent you'll be stoked at how comfortable it is in hot conditions.

Warm weather tents

Another great thing about summer tents is that they are very lightweight and compact which makes them easy to carry around. I've done some longer and more adventurous treks knowing I'm not going to struggle with a heavy pack. They're great tents for mountain biking adventures.. Warm weather tents are usually less weatherproof than three and four season tents and they usually don't come with as many features. As always, check the conditions where you're going and the current weather and if there's heavy rain you may need to re-think your gear.

Summer tents can also be used as inserts to other tent canopies. This gives you flexibility use them as tents in the summer and then when the weather cools you can use them as mesh inserts under a tent canopy to keep the bugs out.

Another thing I love about warm weather tents is that they're easy to set up. Some models can be pitched using canoe paddles and trekking poles and you can even suspend some of them from tree branches as shelters. Once you get to grips with them you can pack and unpack them in minutes – great when you're dead tired after a hard hike!

As always, be aware of the limitations of your gear and don't set off with a summer tent when you don't know the terrain or what you might encounter. They won't cope with snowfall and when the temperature really drops you'll regret not being better prepared.

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