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Three Season Tents

three season tents

Once you get serious about some outdoor adventures you'll want to look at three season tents. No prizes for guessing these are designed for camping out during three of the four seasons – namely spring, summer and fall.

If you want to be sleeping out when it gets seriously cold that's a different story and I'll write advice about tents for cold weather later on. I can remember one trip out on The Great Western Tiers when the snow came down heavy overnight and the tent that I'd come to think as a solid all-rounder let me down. That said, I'd had some great hikes out on The Tasmanian Trail up to then with no complaints. My old man would call me a right woos for even suggesting my three season tent wasn't up to harsher nights – he had me out in all weathers in a basic army issue tent when I was an ankle biter!

Three season tents are designed to give decent protection from the weather during the months of May through mid-December. Obviously you have to think about where you plan to camp during those months! You'll be ok pretty much year round in Queensland but if you plan to camp out in Tasmania – especially at any altitude – you might find your pushing it in winter months.

A good quality three season tent will offer protection from most of what the elements throw at you – heavy downpours, gale force winds, extreme humidity and even a sprinkle of snow. They're also designed to keep you cool and comfortable in sticky, humid conditions as well – it's not just about keeping you warm.

three season tents

Most modern three season tents are built with a rain fly which acts as an umbrella for the tent and protects its shell from damage from intense heat, penetrating UV rays, and precipitation. The rain fly can also serve as a light tarp when it's much too hot and humid to be zipped up inside the tent completely. Personally I'd rather be cold than hot and I get really cranky if a tent doesn't have good options for ventilation!

Up there with the cold and the heat the next worst enemy for campers has to be condensation! There's nothing worse than waking up to see the walls dripping and have to sponge everything down as you pack up. Quality three season tents are built with mesh inner bodies to help cut down on condensation seeping through.

You may be wondering why not go straight for a four season tent? The three season kind are generally lighter, more compact, larger and more breathable than four-season tents so give it some careful thought before you buy. If you do plan on making year round trips to cooler climes or are into mountain climbing a four season may be your best bet.

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