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Three Season Sleeping Bags

Three season Sleeping Bags

A three season sleeping bag is designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable while camping out during the spring, summer and fall. The longest hike I've ever taken was along the Australian Alps Walking Track starting at Walhalla and this was the first time I'd really tested a three season sleeping bag across a range of conditions. We saw everything from blazing sunshine to snowfall over that trek and my bag – combined with a quality three season tent – did its job. I remember an especially cold night on Mount Bogong and even there under some pretty heavy snow the bag kept me comfortable.

Of course a three season sleeping bag isn't just designed to keep you warm, it should be able to keep you cool enough when you're camping out on those hot and humid summer nights. When you set out on a long trek like the Austalian Alps Walking Track there are inevitably disagreements between you and your mates about the best kit to take. Rather then have the time ruined by constant dingdogs I always like to agree who's taking what and what's the best options in terms of rucksacks, sleeping bags and tents. Unless you know it's going to really freeze up three season bags and tents are generally the best for such a trip.

Three season sleeping bags are generally suitable for temperatures of about 15 degrees Fahrenheit to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. You'll find a lot of three season bags rated at 15 degrees and 20 degrees but if you live in a more moderate climate you should get by with a bag rated at 30 degrees.

Three season Sleeping Bags

When it warms up in the summer a typical three season sleeping bag is going to get pretty warm and you'll probably have to open up the ventilation to cool down. If you planning a trek in a hot climate you may need to take along a warm weather sleeping bag or an ultra-light model to be comfortable. As always the balance if between carrying too much or enough kit!

Three season sleeping bags are ideal if you do most of your camping and adventures in the spring and fall. If you're a summer camper a lightweight sleeping bag or a summer sleeping bag is probably a better choice for you. My advice though is why miss out on year round adventures! If you prepare properly and take the right kit you can camp out comfortably all year round – I've had some of my best hikes in the fall.

As with all sleeping bags, three season sleeping bags come in a wide variety of styles. You can get bags that are hooded, lightweight, down or synthetic filled, mummy style, rectangular style, and those suitable for people of different heights. A good three season sleeping bag should last you a few years so make sure you're comfortable in it. Don't put up with feeling like you're cramped in with your feet rammed to the end – choose a bag that fits and you'll get a decent night's sleep in.

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