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Synthetic Sleeping Bags

Synthetic Sleeping Bags

In the great down v synthetic sleeping bags I tend to go with nature and prefer down versions. I know the arguments for and against each type but I'm just a stubborn old goat and stick with what I know best! I did nearly switch to synthetic a few years back when my down sleeping bag got a soaking and took three days to dry out but that's another story.

Synthetic sleeping bags are insulated with all types of man-made materials, most of which you've probably never heard of. That's one of the things that can put some people off. Down sleeping bags have an insulation rating I'm familiar with but the different types of insulating material and fabrics used in synthetic sleeping bags get me pretty confused!

Synthetic bags are the only choice for those who are allergic to goose down or duck down. Make sure you check this out before heading out on a trip. Synthetic sleeping bags generally insulate well with developments and innovations in materials but they don't compress as well as down bags. This means extra space taken up in your backpack and in fact they also tend to weigh more.

Synthetic sleeping bags

On the up side, a synthetic sleeping bag will usually still keep you warm, even when it becomes wet. I'm told they also dry out pretty quickly so if you're unlucky and do get it wet you should at least get a dry, warm night's sleep the next night!

Synthetic materials wash easily which can be another advantage. If you've not washed yourself properly for a few days and come home smelling rotten as a chop it's easy to get your bag fresh again! Down bags should only be washed with specific soaps and detergents and the wrong kind can break down the insulating properties.

Personally I don't worry too much about either me or my sleeping bag smelling! A bit of fresh air soon sorts things out.

Synthetic sleeping bags do tend to cost a few dollars less than down ones so that may be your deciding factor. Personally I'm willing to invest in my gear knowing if you buy quality and look after it you can be sure of years of adventures. Keep an eye on new types of bag coming onto the market as things change pretty quickly and you may find everything you want in synthetic sleeping bag at a good price.

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