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Summer Sleeping Bags

Summer Sleeping Bags

Written by: Ina Carla

There's nothing worse than sweating like a one-legged man at an arse kicking contest because your sleeping bag isn't ventilated enough! That's why summer sleeping bags are so important. Yes you can take a layer of clothing off but when it cooks up out there you need a sleeping bag that's going to be comfortable all night.

I had a great trip travelling around The Lamington National Park with a couple of mates last year and the temperatures were right up there even into the night. If I didn't have a quality summer sleeping bag I'd have been cooked alive. I know blokes who fancy themselves as a Bushman will lay under the stars on a warm night but I still prefer the security of a sleeping bag. I've known temperatures fall fast – especially at altitude – and the last thing I want is to wake up shivering and have to find my sleeping bag to bed down in. If you have a quality summer sleeping bag – or warm weather sleeping bag as some call them – you're pretty much guaranteed a comfortable night how ever hot and humid it gets.

It's not just about keeping at a comfortable temperature – a summer sleeping will also keeping the bugs and condensation out of your sleeping space. Don't call me a Woos for that – I once woke up with a bloody great Mouse Spider crawling up my arm! I swear it was so big I thought it was going to carry my rucksack away with it.

Like all other sleeping bags, summer bags are rated by the temperature they are designed to be used in. Most summer sleeping bags are rated from about 35 to 60 degrees.

Warm weather sleeping bags are come in synthetic and down varieties and are available in 'mummy' and rectangle styles. The style you choose is down to you but I personally find the 'mummy' style too restrictive. Rectangular bags are generall a little heavier than mummy bags but they're usually more spacious. They can be opened up and used as a blanket or attached together by the zippers to make one double sized sleeping bag so they're extra versatile.

Technology changes all the time and you'll find that a lot of synthetic bags are filled with the latest patented materials that are often made specifically by the manufacturer. Don't write off synthetic filled sleeping bags as some of them are ace.

Summer Sleeping Bags

A good summer sleeping bag should keep you warm at night but also keep you cool and ventilated when the temperature climbs. Good summer bags have foot ventilation zippers and full length side zippers so you can open them to customize the amount of ventilation you want.

Double sleeping bags and bags with hoods are also available, as are children's and women-specific models. You know my thoughts on these – leave the ankle biters at home when you go off on you adventures!

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