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Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags for the Happy Camper

Written by: Ina Carla

Hiking is truly one of the most affordable and exciting ways to enjoy nature. No need for fancy hotel rooms and pricey fine dining. All you need to have is a credible trail guide, a group of hiking buddies who share your penchant for fun and adventure, and of course, reliable hiking gear. When it comes to what makes a hiking gear "reliable", there are various considerations depending on what kind of hike and camp specie you are. If you are the type who wants the slightest dose of comfort after a day of hiking, then you would most likely equate having a top-notch sleeping bag with hiking gear reliability and that is logical enough. After all, you would not want to freeze to death or be the human sacrifice for mosquitoes and what-not during your camping adventure.

There are many items that constitute a complete hiking gear and obviously, two of the most important are a tent and a sleeping bag. The best thing about these two items is that one could always work in lieu of the other, that is if you do not wish to have any excess baggage during your hike and only settle with the essentials.

For hiking and camping aficionados, there are important considerations when choosing the best sleeping bag. These considerations include fluff-ability, compactness, efficiency in all types of weather conditions, and user-friendliness. When it comes to fluff ability, what we mean is the sleeping bag's quick and easy expansion after being unpacked. Sleeping bags are made to trap air once unpacked and for a camper like you, of course it would be best if your sleeping bag achieves its promised fluff before sunrise or else you would be missing your much needed sleep. Not all sleeping bags are fast enough when it comes to trapping air and this would mean you will have to wait for it to get all the fluff it can muster before you could call it a night, or better yet settle with less fluff and less comfort.

Compactness is another major point when choosing the best sleeping bag or even tent for that matter. Since you would be taking on a long and demanding trail, it is best that all of your hiking gear allow ease of carriage and would not be demanding in terms of space and storage. An expert hiker should make everything fit inside his backpack and that is something you will not be able to achieve with a sleeping bag or tent that is not compact enough.

Efficiency in all weather conditions means your sleeping bag should easily and efficiently manage wet and dry surfaces. Do not go for a sleeping bag that needs hours to dry or else your camping buddies might just decide to leave you at the campsite while you are trying to blow-dry your camping gear using your mouth. Also making sure that a sleeping bag will not trigger any allergy you have is highly crucial unless you want to have your allergy attack in the campsite and punish your camping buddies by having them babysit you all through the night instead of spending it with beer and bonfire.

If you are on the hunt for a sturdy and reliable sleeping bag, there are two major types which you might want to consider; the down sleeping bags and the synthetic sleeping bags.

Down sleeping bags

Down sleeping bags typically use duck or goose feather as insulator or filling. This type of sleeping bag is tailored with interlocking filaments that amount to more than a thousand. In terms of insulation, the down sleeping bag is quite efficient due mostly to its unique composition which involves a space between the air-trapping filaments. The quality of a sleeping bag fashioned from goose or duck down depends on the maturity and type of the used duck or goose. There is a general agreement that goose down is way better in terms of comfort and functionality compared to duck down.

In general though, the quality of the sleeping bag can be measured in terms of the number of downs used. The more goose or duck down stuffed within the sleeping gear, the better.

There are many benefits in terms of using the down sleeping bag. It is warm, comfortable, and compressible which are the exact qualities a hiking and camping enthusiast should look for a sleeping bag. Since the goose or duck down is an effective thermostat, it is highly efficient in terms of adjusting to available temperature. Sleeping bags made of down allows to keep you warm when it is cold and vice versa. The downside (pun intended) though is that these sleeping bags do not react well to humidity. Once dampened, they lose much of their insulating capability and such is something you should ponder on before you make your purchase. Click here for Down sleeping bags

Down sleeping bags

Synthetic bags

Synthetic bags on the other hand, as what the name clearly and unambiguously states, use all types of synthetic materials for insulation purposes. At least these bags are honest enough to admit that they are indeed "synthetic". Anyway, these sleeping bags have their own merits which you as a prospective buyer should respect and consider. Compared to down sleeping bags, synthetic ones do not lose its insulating capacity even during the wettest of conditions hence you are bound to stay warm during your hiking and camping trips. These bags are typically water resistant and dry faster compared to down sleeping bags. Moreover, for campers who have allergic reactions toward goose or duck down, the synthetic bag is definitely a choice to consider. These bags are also a lot cheaper compared to its counterpart. The downside when it comes to choosing these bags includes less compressibility, compactness, and longevity. Click here for Synthetic sleeping bags

Synthetic sleeping bags

When it comes to your hiking and camping needs, it is important to choose the right brands and products that will not fail you once you are already in the wild areas of Australia. As fun as hiking and camping are, you should be prepared enough for all possible adverse situations and scenarios.

With a reliable and quality gear, you can definitely be a happy and comfortable camper.

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