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Four Season Sleeping Bags

Four season Sleeping Bags

Last year a mate of mate persuaded me to join him on a camping trip to Mt Kosciusko. I looked at some pictures and the scenery looked awesome so how could I resist? If I'd known the extreme cold we'd be sleeping out in I might have said no at the start!

When it gets really cold outside you need a good four season sleeping bag. A good quality four season bag should be able to cope down to at least -10. If you have the right tent and other gear for such a trip this should really see you right. But even with the right clothes, tent and sleeping bag you need to be mentally prepared for hiking in and sleeping in extreme cold.

When it comes down to choosing the best four-season sleeping bag there are several things to consider. Take into consideration the filling of the bag - whether it is natural down or man-made material. Even when considering man-made materials, there are several bags from which to choose and all have different properties. Don't forget to check the temperature rating of the bag to ensure it falls into a range you'll need. A four season sleeping bag is going to cost those hard-earned dollars so invest in the best you can for a range of conditions.

Another thing to consider is do you prefer a mummy style four season sleeping bag or rectangular one. Personally I feel too confined in a mummy style so I stick to the basic rectangular and wear a hat! Check that the length of the bag is right before you buy it or you'll end up having to curl up and won't get a decent sleep. Hiking out in the cold can really take it out of you so you need to get a proper sleep at the end of it.

My advice for the best four season sleeping bag is a down filled one with a waterproof coating as this gives you the best of both worlds. Down is a better insulator but if it gets wet it loses its heat retaining ability and can take a long time to dry out. When I first got into hiking and camping with my old man we didn't have much choice and I can remember some pretty tough nights out in the Alpine National Park. Luckily my old man introduced me to the snake juice at an early age and I usually slept pretty well when I was shickered!

You'll be fine for most adventures with a three season but as you get tempted to climb higher and venture further into the wilderness a four season sleeping bag becomes a must have item. Never take chances when you're pushing your limits and always take the right gear for the job.

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