Amok Draumr 3.0 - green (with tarp, bug net and suspension)

Amok Draumr 3.0 - green (with tarp, bug net and suspension)

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Capacity 150kg
Color Green
Special Price $299.00


Amok Equipment has developed and released the much anticipated Amok Draumr 3.0. This model was developed with ideas and suggestions made off the wildly popular Draumr 2.0. The staff at Amok listened to the requests and developed a hammock unlike anything I have slept in before. This head turning hammock is more than just something to look at. It's functionality and ease of setup make it a perfect piece of gear for anyone, from the general car camper to trail junkies like myself. 

The hammock requires a sleeping pad. The sleeping pad provides structural support for the hammock and creates a flat sleeping surface. This is important for those of you who thought you could never get away with packing your bag with a hammock setup for fear that you wouldn't get a good night sleep without being able to flip over to your stomach. Amok equipment has taken away all your worries. 

What impressed me most after getting past its unique design were all the small details that were built into the hammock. From the different color carabiners, the Velcro loops sewn in at every tie out point and the adjustable cord locks on the guy lines , you just get the feeling you are carrying high quality gear that will last on the toughest trails. 

For those of us who are avid backpackers, we are always looking to multipurpose our gear, whatever it may be. The fact that you can turn this hammock into 3 different modes was a show stopper for me. Setting up your Draumr in chair mode after a long day on the trail gives you the opportunity to sit and comfort and socialize while keeping you off the ground. The removable bug netting and pocket are simple and easy to tuck away while not being used. Overall there are not enough great things I can say about this hammock. If you are a stomach sleeper and have been looking for an alternative to your tent or you are a die hard hammocker looking for a new experience the Draumr 3.0 won't disappoint.

The hammock fits most people. We have created a foot bag that makes it comfortable for those as long as 190cm (large inflatable sleeping pad required). The maximum load is 150 kg / 330 lb. 

The hammock is intended for 1 person and normal use.


Sleep flat - on your back, side or stomach  Adjustment straps transform your bed to a sun bed, recliner or chair.
 Inflatable sleeping pad is required for structure and insulation.   An integrated bug net keeps the mosquitos away.




Looking for some good entertainment? Shug, possibly one of the funniest guys to ever try an Amok hammock, made this good review:



The hammock requires an inflatable sleeping pad. This is not included in the package, and it is currently not sold by Amok. The sleeping pad helps you get the best possible sleep comfort as it stretches the fabric and it will help you stay warm.

We recommend using a large inflatable pad (approximately 65 x 197 x 9 cm or 25" x 77" x 3,5"). Medium size pads (approximately 52 x 183 x 7 cm or 20" x 72" x 2,7") also work perfectly well. Inside the hammock you have a pocket for each length which holds the sleeping pad in place.

For those who need to buy a new sleeping pad we have a few recommendations (common for most of them is that the tubes are in the body direction):

Exped SynMat 9 LW and Exped DownMat 9 LW are good alternatives. These provide year round insulation.

A slightly more expensive alternative is the same quality sleeping pads in ultra light versions: Exped SynMat UL 9 LW and Exped DownMat UL 9 LW.

Big Agnes pads like Air Core, Insulated Air Core and Q-core. Preferably long wide size.
Vaude Norrsken - remember to get the large version as this is a slightly thinner pad. It still provides good structure and has 3-season insulation.
  REI Stratus Insulated Air Sleeping Pad - long wide. Larger tubes on the outside to keep you nice and comfortable on the pad surface. 
  At the beach, surfing? Or just hanging in your own back yard? There are a number of cheap inflatable pool-type mattresses which fits for relaxation usage. Just remember to check sizes!
  We do not recommend regular foam pads, thin inflatable pads or inflatable pads with tubes as shown in the picture.


Quick Overview


Color: Green

Hammock Weight:
1340g / 47oz (without tarp)
2053g / 72oz (including tarp/stakes)

150 kg / 330 lb max weight
22 kN carabiners

Tree distance:
minimum 2.5 m, maximum 6 m.

Suspension and bug net is included.